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Florida passes remote online Notarization (RON)

House Bill 409 was recently passed by the Florida Senate, making Florida the 11th State to adopt RON legislation in 2019 and the 21st State overall. The bill authorizes online notaries with specific requirements & standards and requires the Department of STate to adopt these rules by January 1st, 2020.
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It means that the future of digitally buying and selling homes is finally here. While many documents can be signed electronically prior to closing, certain documents still require a notary witnessed signature. This notary was traditionally required to be in the same room of the signers - until now.


Remote Online Notary works much in the same way as a live signing.
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Step 1
The title agent uploads the required documents for NTS to complete online signings.
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Step 2
Using any online capable device such as a computer, Android, or iPhone, the parties connect with an online agent who confirms the identity of the signer.
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Step 3
The NTS agent witnesses the signatures and assists the user throughout the process - just like an in-person closing!



Notarize uses a patent-pending forensic analysis to verify government issued photo IDs and passports remotely.


All video signings are recorded for added security.


When signing, the user must scan the room around them to protect against coaching or coercion of signing documents.
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RON (Remote Online Notarized) is a superior product to traditional physical closings in nearly every aspect. It empowers buyers and sellers to close securely from a ny location in the world. No cross-town traffic jams, no canceling because a party cannot make it to the closing, and no more buyers/sellers finding a U.S. based notary to complete their tra nsactions while out of the country.

The added layers of scrutiny means it is safer and more secure. The transaction also has a more thorough record than in a traditional notarization. Additionally, a paperless closing means that the closing is environmentally friendly and complete closing packet is safely recorded and securely backed up.

You can BE ready with the help of NTS

The passing of the remote online notarization law HB 409 means that Florida homebuyers and sellers now have access to a more convenient and safer way to complete their home closings.
Technology equipped closing rooms
Closers fully trained on Remote Notary Software
Approved and vetted Remote Notary Platforms
Experienced in refinances, purchases, out-of-state and out-of-country sellers
MULTI FACTOR authentication procedures in place for added security


Will I still be able to attend closing?

Yes, eClosing will be added as an option to close like attending closing and remote closings have been, unless the lender requires eClosing as the only allowable method to close.

When will we officially start closing this way?

We can already e-close (depending on the lender, certain files, and the type of financing). However, in 2020, Florida notaries will be able to e-close. The exact date will depend on e-notary requirements, e-notary seals available, etc.

Is there an extra cost?

Yes. Call us for more information!

What experience do the notary’s have in this type of closing?

Some states already offer this service and have experienced notaries. Florida notaries will receive training prior to offering this service to make sure they are prepared for the new notary services.

How will my company get my signed closing docs?

NTS will send them to you immediately after the signing is complete.

Will RON work for clients that are located outside of the United States?

As long as the client has an SSN/ITIN and at least 1 years credit history, we can use RON.

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