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Customizable Processing & Closing Solutions

Want to improve your customer service?

Need to boost efficiency and improve productivity in your operations?
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We know the difficulties involved in hiring and finding the right people. We also know once you've invested in growing your work family, there is the fear having to downsize based on seasonality or volume fluctuation. Let us help you, whether it be a temporary or permanent solution. Whether you're scaling up or scaling down, our flexible solutions give you the freedom to:

  • STREAMLINE everyday tasks
  • REFOCUS on business activities you love
  • SIMPLIFY your operations
  • SCALE your business

Processing & Closing Solutions: 

  • Order Entry/File Intake
  • Order & Deliver Title Search
  • Prepare Municipal Lien Search Reports
  • Order & Deliver HOA/COA Estoppel Reports
  • Order & Deliver Land Surveys/Elevation Certificates
  • Order & Deliver Mortgage Payoffs
  • Preparation of Closing Disclosure/Settlement Statements
  • Nationwide, Vetted, Background Screened Mobile Notary Services

Post-Closing Solutions:

  • Warehousing & Disbursement of Final Closing Package
  • Secure Client Document Sharing Portal
  • Electronic Recording of Documents
  • Policy Typing Services
  • Mailing Services
  • Release & Payoff Tracking

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