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Municipal Lien Searches and Association Estoppels

Network Transaction Solutions is Proud to Offer Extensive Lien Search Services

We deliver comprehensive and detailed lien search reports in a timely fashion. Our reports are easy to review and are delivered to you within 48–72 hours of the request. We have the personnel and technological resources to provide you with precise results and superior service. Place an order today to get your search started.

Estoppel Service

When do I need an Estoppel letter?

If the property you’re purchasing is part of an association of any kind (Condominium or Homeowners), you’ll need an estoppel letter (also called an estoppel certificate) before you close your home. The estoppel letter shows any charges or fees due to the association. That balance can include legal fees, violations of the agreement, past due assessments, special assessments, and more. A good estoppel search will find these letters for all associations attached to the property (there can be more than one).

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