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Crucial Key to Success: Effective Communication

5 Refresher Tips for Communicating Effectively 

Notary agents are always on the go, sometimes working with clients to squeeze in that last-minute closing, as well as working through rescheduled assignments.

We are all human; Things pop up, closings get rescheduled or moved locations. However, never forget how crucial it is to communicate effectively. 

Below we've compiled a list of communication tips when working with NTS, as well as any other signing service company.

  1. Sometimes, it's better to pick up the phone.
    1. If you have a long message you need to get across, a phone call could be more beneficial than creating an email. 
  2. Be brief, yet specific. 
    1. It will help you get straight to your talking point by being direct with your communication. Be sure you are answering all questions or concerns when replying to an email. Also, avoid using filler words like "um" or "like" too often. 
  3. Take notes, or repeat the other person.
    1. When talking over the phone, always be sure to take notes; Don't rely on your memory. It helps to repeat certain aspects of what the other person is saying, to clarify and prevent misunderstandings. 
  4. Smile and maintain a positive attitude.
    1. Even when speaking on the phone, you smile will convey a your positive attitude that will translate to the other person. Smiling often will help you exude a positive image and encourage others to respond positively to you. 
  5. Check the messages before sending. 
    1. This helps avoid spelling or grammatical errors, and ensures you're message has the correct intentions. 

Effective communication is a teachable skill.  Following the tips outlined above will enable you to craft your communication skills.


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